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How to Order

Hiring Removal Crates and purchasing packaging materials in 3 simple steps.

Hiring Removal Crates cannot be made any easier than hiring online with the Crate Hire Company. We've made booking your removal crates with 3 easy/simple steps.

Step 1 - Select the products you want.

Our product pages allow you to see our full range of removal crates and boxes as well as handling equipment and packaging materials. If you click on a product, it will then allow you to see a more detailed view of the product, including prices and sizes (if the product is a removal crate). This will help you have an idea of the product, and you can decide whether or not that product will you help you with your removal or storage application. Our product pages also have a related products tool below the description; this may also help you to notice other products you may need.

We also provide an office move calculator, as we feel that offices all have roughly the same amount of crates per staff. This calculator will provide you with a rough idea of how many you will need to purchase. If you need an idea on how many removal crates you will need for your house removal, please call our friendly staff on 01708 892704, we feel by providing everyone with the same estimation of crates for their house removal to be unnecessary as everyone has different amount of items to be removed. The Crate Hire Company does not want customers to hire too many or too little moving crates than they need to.

Once you are happy with the removal crate or packaging item, you can then enter the quantity you'll need in the blue box on the right of the screen and click 'Add To Basket'.

How To Order

Once you click 'Add To Basket' you will then get a pop-up appear on your screen which asks if you wish to continue shopping, or to view your basket. If you wish to hire more removal crates or handling equipment, or to add some packaging materials to your order, then please click continue shopping. If you are happy with your order, please choose to view your basket. In your basket, you will see the product which you entered in, and a price of those crates for one week, as that is the minimum hire. You can also remove products from your basket by clicking on the bin icon, or you can update the amount of that product you wish to purchase if you do change your mind by entering the amended amount in the box with the quantity already entered. If you wish to continue shopping while you're viewing your basket, please choose the product you wish to view on the toolbar above; e.g.: Crates, Handling Equipment, etc. If there is a discount available, please enter the discount code in the box required and this will reflect in the total price.

How To Order

If you are happy with removal crates and packaging and you have finished your shopping, clicking proceed will take you to the hire details page, where you will enter your hire dates, then your delivery and collection details.

Step 2 - Book your crate rental/hire.

The Hire Dates page will ask you to enter the date of when you wish to start your crate hire and whether you wish for it to be delivered to you, or if you wish to collect it from one of our depots. By clicking in the box next to 'From Date', a calendar will appear where you can choose your delivery date. It will then ask you for your postcode you wish for it to be delivered to, and once your postcode is selected, you will automatically see how much your delivery charge will be - avoiding no hidden charges. There is also an option to have a timed delivery, our standard deliveries we will aim for AM, however if you wish to order a specific timed journey at an added charge of £30.00 + VAT, please tick yes. Once yes it highlighted, an added box will appear which asks for a time, by clicking this, a drag tool will appear for you to choose your specific time required.

How To Order

The above will then be repeated on the section to the right, which is for the collection of your crate hire. Once you are happy with what you have chosen, please click proceed to delivery/collection details. This will take you to the hire details page, where you enter the details of the addresses for your crate rental. The total cost for your shipping will also be added to your basket as you will see in the orange box at the top next to 'view basket'.

You will then be taken the hire details page which asks for your details regarding your delivery and collection.

How To Order

At this point, you must enter a full contact name, telephone number and email address for your crate rental delivery. The postcode entered on the hire details, must match the same postcode as you entered on the hire dates page, as this avoids mispricing the shipping for your crate hire, if the postcodes do not match, an error pop-up will occur. If you could please tick the additional notes if applicable, as this saves extra fees if we receive a parking ticket or if the driver cannot carry the removal crates a large amount of stairs as he is on his own.

If you are having the moving crates collected from the same address as the delivery, then simply click the text 'same as hire from details', this will then duplicate what you have wrote in the delivery address which saves you from typing the same information out twice. Once you are happy with all of your details which you have entered, please press submit and this will take you to the payment details section.

Step 3 - Entering your billing details and confirming your order.

How To Order

If you have already registered to the Crate Hire Company, please log-in where it says already registered? Please login here, then enter your log-in details provided and your billing details will already be entered, however your card details are not stored on our site, therefore you will still have to enter your card numbers. Also, if your billing details are the same as the delivery details, please click the text 'same as delivery details', that will save you typing in the details multiple times. Once your billing details have been entered, please double check the dates are correct, and if you're happy with the total to pay, please enter your card details. When your card details have been entered, and you have read and are okay with the terms & conditions, please tick the box required and press submit. You will then appear on the confirmation page, this is your final page till your crate hire is ordered.

How To Order

You will then be appearing on a page looking like this, which will confirm your entire order. Please double check you're happy with this as it is very crucial all this information is correct. Then if you're happy with your order, please press the 'Pay' box to finalise your order.

Once you have clicked pay, and your crate hire has been completed, you will then receive a confirmation email of your order. If you are a first time buyer, you will also receive a welcome email, which will provide you with your new username and password for the Crate Hire Company website.

When you log-in to the Crate Hire Company, you can view your order, extend your order, and also repeat orders in the future.