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Are the crates supplied your crates?

All of our removal crates are owned by The Crate Hire Company, also all the vehicles and drivers are our own vehicles and staff.

Are there any third parties involved in your crate hire service?

Unlike many other Web Crate Hire companies, our crate hire services are done using our own crates and our own drivers. This also means that tracking your crates or questions regarding these crates are made easier, as there are no other companies to contact other than The Crate Hire Company.

If I want to Collect/Deliver the removal crates to your depot, what are your opening hours?

If you wish to collect or deliver back your removal crates, the opening hours for our depots are between 9am till 4pm, Monday to Friday.

Do you rent crates for home moves as well as office moves?

The Crate Hire Company hires storage crates for any person, for any use and for any quantity.

Do you sell removal crates as well as hire them?

Yes we sell storage crates, for any queries please visit to view our full range of plastic crates. We have many other plastic crates including Euro stackers, Stack Nesting crates, Attached Lidded Crates & Maxinest Crates. We are also the sole stockist of Allibins in the UK.

Do you sell new crates or used crates?

We sell new, nearly new and used crates, for any enquiries, please call 01708 892704.

Can I hire crates online?

Please click on Hire Crates to order your removal crates, the process is made very simple but any problems, please view the How to Order page.

Can I extend the hire online?

Once you order online with us, we will provide you with a login, when you want to extend your hire please login to our website to extend the hire if needed. Alternatively, you could email us and we can extend your hire for you.

Can I buy packaging materials online?

The Crate Hire Company supply packaging materials along with your hire, however if you want to buy packaging materials separately, please visit

How many crates will I need to move?

If you are moving home, every person is different and only you can judge how many crates you will need, however if you are moving office, we have an Office Move Calculator which will provide you with a rough estimate of crates. However, we do recommend that having too many, is better than not having enough.

Is there a minimum requirement when hiring removal crates?

No, there isn't a minimum requirement to how many hire crates you can hire, however we do advise that having too many, is better than not having enough providing you have the space to store the crates. Although our removal crates do stack when full and nest when empty.

How can I place an order for Crate Hire?

Please view our Hire Crates page in order for you to follow our easy-to-order process. However, if you prefer to order these via email, please email or call 01708 892704.

What happens if I want to extend my hire?

If you wish to extend your hire, please log in to our site and follow the instructions. Any problems with this, please call on 01708 892704. You must give us 24 working hours' notice prior to extension.

How do I pay for my crate hire and packaging materials?

The Crate Hire Company website allows you to pay via PayPal or pay by our secure card options; however we can also accept BACs payments.

Are my payment details secured?!

Yes, all payments taken by us for crate rental and packaging materials are extremely safe and secure. The Crate Hire Company does not hold any credit card information to comply with our strict rules and regulations. Our payment partner Sage pay uses a number of security checks to guard against online fraud whilst providing RapidSSL encryption to ensure all your personal details are completely safe. When confirming payment, there will be a padlock visible in the address bar to ensure that our site is SSL certified. The Crate Hire Company site is PCI Compliant.

What time will my crates be delivered or collected?

Deliveries will be aimed for AM delivery; however you can specify a time slot you wish to choose at an additional cost.

How much notice do I need to give for my crate hire delivery?

You can order 1 working day before, as long as it is before 3:30pm.

What areas do you deliver/collect from?

The Crate Hire Company has depots in Essex, Runcorn & Livingston. Please view our depot finder to see where our depots are and calculate the distance between you and our depots.

Can I collect my order?

If you wish to collect your crates from one of our depots, please specify this when you are placing your order. We have depots in Essex, Runcorn & Livingston. You can use our Depot Finder tool to calculate the distance.

If I'm due to deliver back to your depot, what happens if I don't deliver on that day?

If you have our hire crates with you and you are due to deliver them back to us on a certain day but fail to, we will send you an invoice of the extra days once the crates are delivered back to us.

Are your removal crates sealed securely?

Our removal crates are made from tough polypropylene and have secure crocodile closing lids, however we do supply tamper evident seals for extra security.

Do your crates stack when full and nest when empty?

All of our crates stack when full and nest when empty. This can save valuable storage space.

What materials are your crates made of?

Our crates are all made of polypropylene which is 85% recyclable.

Do you provide the removal service as well as the crates?

We do not provide the removal service with our hire; however we recommend that you visit the British Association of Removers (( website to find a company in your area.

Are your crates clean and in good condition?

All of our removal crates are clean and in good condition. They are all new, or have been used once; however they will not be dirty or have any damages.

Do you hire equipment as well as the crates?

The Crate Hire Company hire equipment to make your move easier, our equipment includes security roll cages, skate/dolly or sack barrow.

Can your removal crates hold a lot of weight?

All of our removal crates are strong and durable. Our standard lidded removal crates stack up to five high, carrying a load of 50kg each - a combined load of 250kg.

Should I rent or buy the crates?

If you wish to use the crates just once, then the hire option is best for you. However, if you feel like you will use them often, then purchasing the crates will be the best option.

Do you offer emergency deliveries?

Yes, we do offer emergency deliveries. Please specify this in the drop down if you wish to choose this.

What options do you offer on delivery?

Once you are purchasing your crate hire, there will be a drop down of options we offer regarding the delivery of your removal crates. The Crate Hire Company offers the following delivery options: AM delivery, PM delivery, Specific Time Journey or Emergency Journey.

How environmentally friendly are your crates?

All our black removal crates are made from 100% recycled material.

Do you deliver weekends or bank holidays?

No, I'm afraid The Crate Hire Company is not open on weekends or bank holidays, therefore we will not be able to deliver/collect any crates.

Where are your depots?

The Crate Hire Company has depots in Essex, Runcorn & Livingston. Please view our Depot Finder for more information on our depots and the distance between you and our depots.

What if I want part of my hire collected, and the rest extended?

If you wish to go ahead with this option, please enter the amount of crates you wish to extend on the extension page once you log in, we will then collect the remaining crates.

Is there a limit to the amount of crates I hire?

No, there is no job too small and no job too large. However, if you do wish to hire a large amount of crates and wish to get a quote off one of our friendly staff, please email

Do you supply a VAT invoice?

Yes, the Crate Hire Company do supply a VAT invoice once the crate hire is complete.

What happens if I lose/damage crates?

If you lose or damage any of your removal crates, the charge will vary on each crate. Please see below for the charges:
LC3 = £15.00 + VAT
IT6 = £49.00 + VAT
IT3 = £49.00 + VAT
LMC = £49.00 + VAT
LC2 = £15.00 + VAT
Skates = £65.00 + VAT
Sack Barrow = £90.00 + VAT
Security Roll cage = £225.00 + VAT

Are your prices plus VAT?

All of the prices on The Crate Hire Company website are subject to plus VAT, unless stated otherwise.

What happens if you receive a parking ticket on my delivery/collection?

If one of our drivers receive a parking ticket while delivering / collecting and we wasn't advised beforehand of double yellow lines or permits we may have to pass the charge on to the customer. Please provide as much info as possible to enable the delivery / collection to go smoothly.