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Boxes & Packaging

Archive Boxes

Crate Hire Company stock 7 different types of Archive Boxes. All of our archiving boxes are strong, durable, recyclable & cost effective. They all come flatpacked, however they are easy to assemble and have basic instructions printed on the box. Our branded archive boxes are always used for storage and transport. Our B1 and B2 boxes use the Klikstor design which means they're easily assembled, they have enhanced durability, also collapsible so you can re-use them without them getting in your way while not in use. The THC1 box is generally used for storing A4 sized archiving which could help for your office or home move. The THC2 box are perfect for storing or moving lever arch files as they are a perfect fit inside, which stops them from sliding around inside the box. The THC3 is a transfer file box that is commonly used for storing documents and A4 paperwork such as invoicing, etc. Our THC4 boxes are also used for storing and transporting lever arch files. The THC5 box is our most popular box amongst our clients as they're capable of storing any type of documents. The TH6 is our computer box, they're used for storing the larger lever arch files.

Packaging Materials

Crate Hire Company store many different types of packaging materials to help your move go smoother. All of our packaging materials are of high standard. We have the anti-static bubble bags which are mainly used for protecting computer/tv screens. They are 1m x 1m, so they're large enough to fit more less all computer screens. We also have bubble wrap which can protect your computer screens, but can also be used for wrapping delicate objects to stop them breaking or cracking, etc. Crate Hire Company offer 2 different sized bubble wrap, 500mm x 100m or 750mm x 100m. Bubble Wrap is common for home or office removals as they offer superb protection and shock resistance. We sell white news offcuts, which is commonly used for wrapping cutlery, ornaments and other household items. When moving, you always want to make sure your items are secure, so we offer a few different solutions to provide added security to your crates. We have standard cable ties which are heat resistant and are tamper evident. We have the arrow lock crate seals which clip into a hole in the lid and the crate when the lid is closed, the only way to remove the arrow lock seal is by snapping the seal off for added security. Crate Hire Company also provide numbered security seals, these are good for added security levels but also good to keep track of what items are in which crate. Each seal has a unique number, the numbers are never duplicated so you can note down which items are in which crate with the numbered security seal, this also removes the need for opening the crate to see what's inside.

Removal Boxes

All of the Crate Hire Companies removal boxes are double walled which makes them strong, durable and recyclable. Removal boxes are often down to individual preference regarding the sizes. The smaller boxes are often used for books, vinyls, DVDs, CDs, kitchen items, cutlery, ornaments, etc. The larger boxes could be used for clothing then the biggest removal boxes are often used for bedding and other large items. Lastly we have the Wardrobe Box which is perfect for transporting clothes as they're designed with a hinged access door to enable you to check the contents and easy loading. The boxes are fitted with a hanging bar so you can hang up your clothes without getting them creased.