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Re-organising your office for the New Year?

At The Crate Hire Company, we understand a lot of businesses use the quiet Christmas period to reorganise your offices to give it a new feel for the New Year. Internal moves can be stressful as you end up with a lot of paperwork laying around and it’s hard to move the computer equipment and paperwork around or up & down stairs too.

Hiring crates & equipment can make your internal move a lot easier and stress free. All the paperwork laying around can be put into one of our standard lidded crates, they can fit up to 6 standard lever arch files too. Alternatively, we have a metre long crate which can be used for lever arch files, paperwork also lateral filing systems. Once the crates are full they can become heavy, we have a skate that can stack the crates on top and transport the crates around, also a sack barrow which can hold stacked crates which can then be wheeled around, also up/down stairs or into a lift. This makes transporting your paperwork, also items like stationary a lot easier.

Computer equipment can be heavy and hard to carry around. At The Crate Hire Company we have 2 types of computer crates. The IT6 which is the larger computer crate, then the IT3 which is the smaller computer crate. The IT6 is specifically designed to hold up to a 21" CRT computer monitor, all sizes of CPU/ Computer, and related equipment such as the server, mouse and keyboard. We also can provide anti-static bubble bags that can cover the screen to protect it whilst inside the crate. The IT3 crate is the smaller computer crate, these can hold flat screen computers and also computer equipment like the server, mouse & keyboard. The Crate Hire Company can also provide equipment to help protect your items such as cable ties so you can securely close the crates via the integral lids, or even bubble wrap to wrap items up to make sure they’re transported securely without damaging your items. These crates can also be stacked on top of our skates to help transport these around easily.

We understand a lot of offices can have confidential paperwork, or they have paperwork which is kept together so they don’t get mixed up or separated. The Crate Hire Company can provide numbered security seals. They all will have a unique number on the seal, so you can link each unique number with certain paperwork so you can identify which crate have what inside. These seals are also tamper evident so it gives you a piece of mind with their high security. We can also provide Crate Hire Company removable labels, these can be stuck to each crate and then you can write on the label what items are inside to enable you to identify the crate without opening it. Our removable labels are easy to remove after used and they will not mark the crates.

If you wish to hire crates & equipment from The Crate Hire Company, we have an easy online booking system. You can specify which date you want the crates to be delivered or collected. We provide a nationwide service, including next day. You can also specify a specific time, this will be at an additional charge. All our hires are using our own crates, our own drivers & our own vehicles.

From everyone at The Crate Hire Company, we wish you all a Merry Christmas & a very healthy 2016.

Posted on 14th Dec 2015